Problem 03 - Simple Curve

Given the following elements of a circular curve: middle ordinate = 2 m; length of long chord = 70 m. Find its degree of curve, use arc basis.



Problem 02 - Simple Curve

The angle of intersection of a circular curve is 36° 30'. Compute the radius if the external distance is 12.02 m.



Problem 01 - Simple Curve

The angle of intersection of a circular curve is 45° 30' and its radius is 198.17 m. PC is at Sta. 0 + 700. Compute the right angle offset from Sta. 0 + 736.58 on the curve to tangent through PC.



Simple Curves or Circular Curves

Formulas for Circular Curves
The formulas we are about to present need not be memorized. All we need is geometry plus names of all elements in simple curve. Note that we are only dealing with circular arc, it is in our great advantage if we deal it at geometry level rather than memorize these formulas. For easy reference, the figure shown in the previous page will be shown again here.



Problem 03 - Manometer

How high will liquid rise in the piezometers shown in the figure if the pressure at M is 68.95 kPa and the liquid is (a) water, (b) oil (sp gr 0.85), (c) mercury, (d) brine (sp gr 1.15)?



Problem 02 - Manometer

In the piezometers of the figure shown, liquid stands 1.37 m above point M. What is the pressure at M in kiloPascal if the liquid is (a) water, (b) oil (sp gr 0.90), (c) mercury, and (d) molasses (sp gr 1.5).




Manometer is a simple and inexpensive device of measuring pressure and pressure difference. It is usually bent to form a U-tube and filled with liquid of known specific gravity. The surface of the liquid will move in proportion to changes of pressure.



Problem 12 - Variation of Pressure

In a condenser containing air and water, the air pressure is 22.1 kPa absolute. What is the gage pressure in kiloNewton per square meter at a point 1.37 m below the water surface.

Problem 11 - Variation of Pressure

A pressure gage on the discharge side of a pump reads 300 kPa. Oil (sp gr 0.82) is being pumped. Compute the pressure head in meters of oil.

Problem 10 - Variation of Pressure

A gage on the suction side of a pump shown vacuum of 254 mm of mercury. Compute (a) pressure head in meters of water; (b) pressure in kiloPascal; (c) absolute pressure in kiloPascal if barometer reads 736.6 mm of mercury.


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